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AC Repair Services

People generally don’t spend too much time thinking about their AC systems until that one day when it suddenly gets really hot.  It’s only then they realize how much they depend on air conditioning to keep them comfortable.  Pflugerville residents need working AC that provides the right amount of cooling relief for the several consecutive months when it’s downright sweltering in this part of the country.


AC systems in need of repair risk shutting down on the most humid day of the year. Learn about the warning signs that indicate an AC system must be repaired or replaced, and then call the expert technicians at Comfort Zone for AC repair. Austin and Pflugerville homeowners trust Comfort Zone to provide quality work at a fair price.


Signs an AC System May Need Repair

Foul odors, loud noises, leaks, and inadequate cooling are reasons why AC service may be needed. It could be as simple as changing the setting on the thermostat or replacing the filter. But other problems need the attention of a qualified service professional.


The Unit Won’t Turn On

If the AC unit won’t turn on, first look to see if a circuit breaker was tripped. But if that checks out (and there are fresh batteries in the thermostat unit) there’s a possibility that the compressor and fan have worn out from cycling

on too frequently.


Weak Air Flow

If the air flow coming from the vents is so weak that it’s impossible to cool

the space, the air ducts could be clogged or leaking. But poor air flow could

also be due to a failing compressor that needs to be serviced.


Warm Air is Blowing from the Vents

If the flow isn’t an issue but warm air is blowing in, there are a few reasons that may be happening:


  • The system may require a refrigerant charge

  • The compressor may not be working properly 

  • There’s an issue with the air ducts


In any case, the problem must be diagnosed by an expert who will be able to detect exactly which parts are at fault and how to repair them.


It Feels Humid Inside

Check to see if the evaporator coil (located indoors) is dusty. If so, it won’t be able to remove heat and humidity from the home. Coils can usually be kept clean by regularly replacing the filter.


However, there may be another reason why it feels humid inside. The refrigerant charge could be too low, which causes the AC system to work harder. When the system works too hard, it strains the compressor and that could cause it to fail.


It Smells Musty or Like Something is Burning

A musty smell may indicate mold, and that’s a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible. Mold spores circulating throughout the home could have serious health repercussions.


If there’s a smoky or burnt metal odor, the electrical wires or the insulation surrounding them may be burning. Get that checked out immediately. 

It’s Leaking

Moisture due to condensation isn’t harmful in and of itself. But it may indicate that the drain line is clogged or broken and needs repair.


But evidence of moisture could also mean that the refrigerant is leaking freon, which is extremely dangerous and could seriously impact the health of family members.  One way to determine if refrigerant is leaking is a build-up of ice on the coil. Take all leaks seriously and call for service as soon as possible.

Strange Noises

AC systems are not silent, but loud grinding, clanging, screeching, squealing, or hissing noises indicate that AC repair is needed.  Noise could be related to issues with the fan or belt, or there may be a buildup of pressure in the system - a serious problem related to the compressor.  


Unexpected Rise in Utility Costs

Electricity costs naturally increase during the hottest months, but if the bills look unusually high compared to the level of usage, there may be a problem with either the ductwork or the AC unit.


AC systems also become less efficient as they age, which could lead to higher monthly bills since the unit needs to work harder to cool the home. If the unit is more than ten years old, it may be wiser to forgo repair and just purchase a new unit that will save on electricity costs.

the Pflugerville Air Conditioning Repair Company 

Looking for more than “AC Repair Near Me”? Since 2004, Comfort Zone has satisfied customers seeking:


  • AC Tune up and AC Maintenance

  • AC Replacement and Installation

  • Emergency AC Repair

  • Air Filtration Services

Comfort Zone is the air conditioning & heating company Pflugerville residents rely on to keep them comfortable all year round. A licensed and insured family-owned business, Comfort Zone has been serving the local community since 2004.  For unsurpassed quality and exceptional value on air conditioning & heating services, Pflugerville residential and business customers trust Comfort Zone for excellent workmanship and affordable prices. Schedule service or a consultation today!

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