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AC Installation 

Our expert team of HVAC technicians is committed to installing the best-fit AC system to keep homes cool and well-circulated all summer long. Our range of AC system brands is guaranteed to provide a more efficient and powerful airflow than the older models. 


If you find yourself searching for “an AC repair near me”, you’ve come to the right place. To see if a new system or repair is right for your home’s HVAC needs, don’t hesitate to consult with our Pflugerville heating and cooling professionals today.


3 Signs it's time for a new AC

#1: High Energy Bills

AC systems are known to rack up your monthly energy bills immensely as they age. A sign that your system needs replacing is when it requires a much higher monthly bill for the same level of usage that you had in the past. 

#2: Your System Is Past Its Prime

Most well-maintained AC systems have a shelf life of around 15 to 20 years. When your system begins reaching this expiration date, it is bound to cause more harm than good with frequent problems and maintenance needs. Because of this, allocating these inevitable repair fees to a new system is a much more valuable way to stretch your dollar. 

#3: Constant Repairs Of Strange Odors and Sounds 

If you are experiencing foul odors, strange rattling, squeaking sounds, or any other symptoms of damage, your system most definitely needs to be looked at by a professional. While a repair might be enough the first few times a problem occurs, a replacement is typically necessary when consistent repairs are of no avail to the issue.

Benefits of a new AC System

Over the past few years, the quality and efficiency of new AC systems have only continued to improve and progress to a higher caliber. As the top air conditioning & heating company Pflugerville has to offer, you can expect nothing but the best quality AC systems when working with our team. 


Here are three of the many advantages that come with installing a new AC system:


#1: Quieter System

There’s nothing worse than turning on the AC on a hot summer night only to be kept awake by loud noises emitting from the system. Lucky for you, installing a new system gives you access to a much quieter airflow.  

#2: Better Energy Efficiency

While a new AC system is an investment up front, the cut to your monthly energy bill will undoubtedly pay for these costs, and then some. This is because newer models use less energy to achieve the same cooling results. Not only are energy-efficient systems better from a financial standpoint, but they are also more environmentally-friendly as well. 

#3: Long-Lasting Results

The durability of new AC systems will keep them working efficiently in your home for years to come. If you continue to keep your AC system well-maintained with the support from our technicians, you can easily expect a system shelf life of upwards of 20 years. 

Air Conditioning & Heating Services Pflugerville Can Rely On 

With over two decades of experience in maintaining HVAC systems for residential and multi-family use, we don’t just stop at installing your new AC system. We go above and beyond to provide excellent maintenance and repair support to ensure that you are happy with your system well past its installation date. 


In addition to a new AC installation job, a few of our most popular services offered include: 

  • AC Repair Pflugerville

  • AC Maintenance 

  • AC Replacement 

  • Emergency AC Repair Services

  • Air Filtration

  • AC Tune Up


With all of the benefits that come with installing a new AC system, what’s stopping you from investing in one just in time for the hot summer months? For an installation and AC repair Austin residents can trust, look no further than to Comfort Zone MIR today. 

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